Nothing on My Mind, Eric Storlie.  Book cover depicting a collage of photos, natural images, 20th Century memorabilia, and Buddhist images.

"It is said that 'Zen is one thing and the followers of Zen are quite another.' Erik Storlie has avoided every temptation toward sanctimoniousness that Zen and religions offer, and instead gives a straight account of a Zen life lived honestly. Books don't come any better than this."
– Robert M. Pirsic, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

"I thoroughly enjoyed this sincere, well-written account of Erik Storlie's years on the path. His picture of the counterculture sixties and of studying Zen with Roshis Suzuki, Baker, and Katagiri tells it like it was and encourages us to go on our American way, finding out endlessly how it is and who we are."
– David Chadwick, author of Thank You and OK: An American Zen Failure in Japan

"Nothing on My Mind is a look back over the life of an American whose work with soul begins in Berkeley in the sixties. Storlie writes of his confusions and delights and of the conflict that develops with Zen tradition and hierarchy. This is a lively book with many fine stories of Suzuki Roshi and Katagiri Roshi."
– Robert Bly, author of The Sibling Society

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