A landscape of high alpine mountain setting with lake, snow, trees and peaks.

Book :: Nothing on My Mind
Fellow Zen author says... " A revealing and intimate look at the relationship between Zen masters and their students–and between Zen and America." - Natalie Goldberg
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Published Articles
Zen on Ice ::download PDF
Every winter for the last several years, I’ve practiced ice Zen. This is no austerity. Like cross-country and downhill skiing, it’s a pleasure. Even in the winters of the far north, even living in a crowded metropolitan area of two million people...
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A Pilgrimage to Cirque Lake :: download PDF
Distant countries may be found within a few miles, or at most a hundred miles, of every woman, man, and child in the United States. These countries are the remnants of earth that have escaped the ages of Iron and Steel...
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Meditating in Wilderness :: download PDF
Shunryu Suzuki Roshi led the first sesshin I ever did. It was at the Sokoji Temple in San Francisco in 1965. For decades thereafter....
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